Modern Family

Modern family is really funny and all the actors are great at acting. the plot is also really good and I love how each character is different. its loved by a lot of people, and it has been running for about 10 years now.


Friends is really old but it's still a classic. It's a staple in the film industry and it was insanely popular. even though it aired in the 1990s, people still love to watch and enjoy it.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine is a super funny tv show, with some romance in it. The characters are really diverse and funny. For example, one is emo, one is random, one is super smart, and one is really weird. It's a police comedy and its super funny.

Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black is about an all women's jail and i like this show cause it has a lot of drama and at the same time shows the problems about the funding for prison.


You is a show about a stalker who is obsessed with a girl. He kills people for her but always means good intentions. This show is filled with drama which makes it fun to watch.

Gossip Girl

This show is different from other shows because you can watch the characters mature into adults, and get to find out who gossip girl is. gossip girl is an anon blogger who gossips. The ending and who gossip girl actually is is really shocking.